Studio DAWs include Nuendo 7, Cubase 9.5, Digital Performer 9, Protools 11, and Logic X Pro.

Sample Libraries include Vienna Symphonic Cube Standard and Extended, Dimension Brass, and Dimension Strings, Syncron Strings, Synchron percussion, and others. Spitfire's Albion 1,2,3, Mural, Hans Zimmer's Percussion HZ01, Hans Zimmer Strings, and others.Spitfire's Symphonic Strings, Symponic Brass, Symphonic Woodwinds, and Symphonic Percussion. Orchestral Tools  Berlin Strings, Berlin Brass, Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Percussion, and others. EastWest's Composer Complete, Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Woodwinds, and Hollywood Percussion. Project Sam's Symphobia 1, 2, Lumina, Orchestral Brass, and others. Spectrasonic's Omnisphere, Stylus RMX, and Trillian. Complete 9 Ultimate. 8DIO's Hybrid Tools, Rhythmic Aura, and many others. 8W's Emperium and Black Edition. Sound Iron's Ambius, Olympus Symphonic Choir, and others. Cinesample's Voxos, Cinestrings Pro, Cinebrass Pro, Cinewoods Pro, and others. Audiobro's LASS and LASS Sordino. Sample Logic's Morphestra Generations, Cinemorphx, Gamelan, Cinematic Guitars Infinity, Arpology, Impakt, Assault and others. In addition, many other sample libraries by other manufacturers.

Mixing and mastering using Wave's Mercury, Wavelab 8.5, Universal Audio Octo Ultimate 2, Izotope's Ozone 8, DAW plugins and Bricasti's M7 hardware reverb.

Additional Hardware includes Symphony I/O and 6 MacPros for networking.